About Oliver Prehn & the NewJazz concept

by Oliver Prehn
About NewJazz

New Modern Jazz Improvisation
Hi :) I teach Modern Jazz Improvisation at the NewJazz YouTube Channel. I love improvised Music because it's immediate and spontaneous. You never know what happens in the next split second...

At NewJazz we try to free ourselves from conform institutional thinking. We approach Music in new ways; so this is about NewJazz and not OldJazz. Occasionally I'll of course fail badly... but overall I believe that by experimenting, seeking new sounds, Music will evolve and grow.

Although the channel has gained some subscribers over the past years, I like to keep on being small. I run the NewJazz project by myself and I do not make a business concept out of it. Nor do I have any sponsors or sell any merchandise.

About every second month a NewJazz video is uploaded to both and to the NewJazz YouTube Channel. I know that it’s not very often, but I’m just 'little me' trying to make high quality videos and to push Music over the edge (not that I always succeed). So each video takes some time to produce… I surely hope that you have patience with me :)

In the video above we take a walk in the forest in the early springtime. We talk about improvised music, music life and what the NewJazz Channel should be all about.

Many warm regards from Oliver Prehn, NewJazz, Master in Music & Multimedia

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The best way to learn Music

In what order should I study the NewJazz Lessons?
All my lessons are designed so that you can approach them in NO specific order. I try to make them all start out easy. If you watch a lesson and it becomes too advanced or weird, just skip to another one - you don't have to complete a lesson.

I believe that there is no complete A-Z course in Jazz; there is no fixed path to learn Jazz. Jazz is organic and constantly evolving - and so are you!!! So pick out a subject that you love and let Music grow from there… in that way you keep being motivated - Motivation makes Music!!!

In the video above we take a walk in the forest. We listen to the birds (improvising) while we talk more about the best method to learn Music.